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WE ARE GAIA'S VOICE, a Pagan choral music society founded in 1987. We sing Pagan and earth-centered music for the Pagan community and Mother Earth.

Sadly, Gaia's Voice is closing up. This web page will disappear soon. The P.O. Box will continue for a while and recordings may be available at a discount. In the future, try

The Music of Gaia's Voice

Our repertoire reflects the diverse community we serve. It is our intent to act as a vehicle for the wide range of music written by those in the community and by our members. We enjoy the challenges of an intricate choral arrangement as much as the complexity of a multi-rhythmic chant.

We welcome the opportunity to consider new music for our repertoire.

Our Purpose

Gaia's Voice performs and records music for Mother Earth. We are a group of music makers organized to create, channel, produce and preserve eclectic, Pagan and earth-focused music.

Gaia's Voice is a sacred space where we play, work, and create together, a circle within which we find inspiration, healing, love, and support for musical, artistic, and personal growth. Our collaborative process teaches us about ourselves. Collectively, we become an instrument for change.

A self-supporting organization, Gaia's Voice performs for individuals, groups, and ceremonies of our spirit and community. We are committed to fostering the creation and manifestation of new works from like-minded artists.

Gaia's Voice Performs

We charge no fees, nor do we request an "expected donation."

Gaia's Voice Records

In 1991, we released The Chorus of Life an eclectic collection of Pagan music. This recording is available for $10.00 directly from Gaia's Voice and may also be found at many fine Pagan and magickal stores. We have recently remastered The Chorus of Life and hope to have CD's available soon.

Our second recording Passions and Passages has been released and features music which celebrates rites of passage. This recording is availible directly from Gaia's Voice for $15.00 on CD and $10.00 for cassette tape.

A limited edition tape with a collection of four songs called First Fruits is availible for $5.00 directly from Gaia's Voice it is not availible from stores.

Samples from The Chorus of Life:

Samples from First Fruits:

Samples from Passions and Passages

Past Gaia's Voice Events

Scheduling Events with Gaia's Voice

We have found these guidelines to be helpful when scheduling events:

Gaia's Voice Happily Accepts Donations

As a service to the Pagan community, most performances are free. We value our many opportunities to share and contribute to the pivotal moments of those around us. To that end, we depend upon the generosity of our community to continue.

Where Your Donation Goes

Gaia's Voice is organized as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation. All donations are tax-deductible. Please contact us for further infomation.

Contact Information for Gaia's Voice

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